Meet the Execs

The United Black Students at Ryerson Executives are a collective of students who are dedicated to serving our members and enhancing their post-secondary experience in the broadest way possible. It is our goal to create a greater sense of community for black-identified students at Ryerson University, as well to create opportunities for our members to network and socialize with other schools across Canada. We operate under the vision of promoting education, experience and increasing social empowerment of our community – within the University and beyond.






Susanne is President of United Black Students at Ryerson for the 2016-2017 term. She is a social work student, activist, social justice enthusiast and hip hop fanatic. Susanne is passionate about combating anti-Black racism and is excited to be in a group that works towards making safer spaces for Black students on campus.



Stephan is a 3rd year food and nutrition student at Ryerson. His hobbies include playing sports such as basketball and soccer, listening to new music, and exploring new places. Some fun facts about him are that he has 9 siblings, a cat, and his favourite food is lasagna. After he graduates he would like to become a dietitian and one day own a clinic that focuses on long term health and fitness management.




Director of Administration

Ikram Hassan is the Director of Administration and is currently in her4th year in Sociology. She cannot wait for all the great things that will happen this year.



Director of Finance

Andrew is a 3rd year BTM student. He want to bring an accountable and progressive outlook to his position in UBSR. As Director of Finance he will be keeping UBSR financial reports in check and assisting team members as needed.



Director of Sponsorship

Prescylla is a third year Journalism student students who loves to read, write and shop. Throughout most of her teen years Prescylla has been apart of social groups who advocate for young people of colour. With UBSR she plans to share her knowledge and continue to create a safe and educational space for black students on campus.



Director of Marketing

Chevaughn is a 4th year student at Ryerson University. She is currently enrolled in the Creative Industries program and hopes to pursue a career in music marketing. Her goal as Director of Marketing is to utilize her creativity, organizational and business marketing skills to help make the 2016/2017 year for UBSR unforgettable. She is just ready to put the work in like Rihanna.



Director of Community Outreach

Casandra is the community outreach exec for UBSR this school year. She loves seeing and creating black art. If you see her at Ryerson feel free to say hey.



Director of Graphics

Iman Munier is a young working professional with a background in art direction, styling & illustrating. Her work explores the topics of culture, race and religion through the representation of women. Her upbringing as a Muslim Afro-Middle Eastern woman undoubtedly influences the way in which she sees the world.



Director of Events

Breanne Virgil-Lewin is a 4th year social work student. She loves getting involved in the community and giving back any way possible, She is a determined individual with a lot to give and she looks forward to making this a memorable year.