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“Awareness Leading to Empowerment & Self-


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First of all thanks so much for reading this web page; we really appreciate you taking the time out of your day to navigate over to here.

The United Black Students at Ryerson (UBSR) would like to invite you to experience our Third Annual United Black Students Conference; this amazing event will take place at Ryerson University from November 18th- November 20th, 2011.

This inter-generational conference will feature black post-secondary students, black high school students, and anyone from our various communities who wishes to attend. It will consist of a special high school student focused workshop and overall Conference Launch on Friday, November 18th; this will be followed by a day of workshops and an evening Gala on Saturday, November 19th. Finally, the conference will be concluded by a debrief session on Sunday, November 20th.

Once again thanks so much for taking the time to read this page; please check out the links below for more information about the conference! (Also, for a limited time the entire conference costs only $30 so register ASAP)

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Day 1:

The conference will happen throughout a series of three days. The first day, Friday, November 18, 2011, will be divided into two sections; the first being the ‘Young Blackand Gifted’ High School Session. This event will cater to high school students from across the GTA and will focus on providing them with tools that they can use to stay aware and become empowered.

The evening will feature the launch of the conference. The launch is a welcome for all delegates. We provide a catered dinner, speakers, performers, networking activities as well as a showcase of last year’s conference.

Day 2:

On Saturday November 19th there will be a series of workshops which will focus on the theme of “Awareness Leading to Empowerment and Self-Fulfillment”. All delegates will have a variety of workshop choices.  The workshops will focus on raising awareness in delegates of different issues facing the black community; each workshop will consist of approximately 33% of the history of the topic at hand and 66% of a forward-looking approach.Finally, in the evening there will be a Black Ball Gala and catered dinner. There will be key performers to showcase artistry in our community and a keynote speaker who will reinforce the idea of awareness leading to empowerment and self-fulfillment.

Day 3:

The third and final day is our wind down and Black Students Brunch. It is a closing session in which delegates can discuss goals and next steps with regards to what the group learned and built throughout the weekend. It is a space to reflect on the conference and network with those that they have not already connected with.



Package A – Full Access [Friday to Sunday] $30 ($50 After Nov. 7th)

Package B – Workshops [Saturday] $30

Package C – Full Access + Hotel Accommodation [Friday to Sunday] $120

Package D – (High School Students Only), Full Access [Friday to Sunday] $10

See you at the conference!

*This is merely an introductory package and does not include hotels; we will soon be adding additional options to take care of individuals traveling in who will require accommodations, high school students, and prospective attendees who would only like to attend the workshops. Thanks for bearing with us!


Proud Sponsors/Partners


Office of the Provost and VP Academic Ryerson University

Office of the Vice Provost of Students- Ryerson University

Toronto District School Board

Ryerson Students Union

York University Black Students Alliance

Tri-Mentoring Program- Ryerson University