This Year’s Theme

The United Black Students at Ryerson Presents their…..

5th Annual Black Students Conference

This year’s conference theme is #Blackness: A Generation (Un)defined.

From the killing the Oscar Grant back in 2009 to this year’s George Zimmerman case controversy, the issue of black youth’s identity has consistently been at the forefront of public discourse. We will be engaging in multiple conversations about the pressing issues facing black young folks today as well as exploring the following questions:

  • How can weave in an intersectional approach to discussing identity?
  • What are some skills that are necessary to be more connected to our blackness?
  • How can we build community as a means and tools of building agency?
  • What are some of the modern day trials and tribulations of black youth?
  • What does it mean to be black in North America in 2013?

The Conference will run for three days from Nov 8 – Nov 10. We will host a launch, keynote speakers, a full day of workshops, networking sessions, a career fair, and our annual Black Students Gala. Conference accommodations will be provided at the Courtyard Marriott Toronto (475 Yonge St Toronto, ON M4Y 1X7).